At Huddleson we are evangelical about the beautiful, unique Italian linen fabric from which we make almost all of our collection, so I wanted to take a moment to share some of the reasons why linen should be your secret ingredient for a happy life.

why linen Ivory pure linen sheets are so comfortable

Linen bed sheets will help you live longer

Supple, soft linen sheets are soothing, moisture-absorbing and oh-so comfortable which encourages regular, uninterrupted sleep cycles – and we all know that a regular good night’s sleep adds years to our lives.  Linen sheets are also intrinsically hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, so sleeping in linen will also help avoid skin problems and illness.

why linen sheets in a beautiful silver grey will give you the best night's sleep

why linen tablecloths are effortlessly sophisticated and durable

Linen is a year round, functional fabric

Linen has several properties that make it a very practical solution for bed and table linens year round.  It is very absorbent – which is great for both mopping up a spilled drink and keeping you cool and dry on a hot night.  It is breathable – again, good for comfortable sleep in the summer and releasing stains.  And linen also has good heat reflectivity, so if you add a duvet or blanket, linen sheets will help retain that heat and keep you warm in winter.

why linen sheets in classic white should be in everyone's linen closet

why linen hemstitched napkins are the ultimate formal acessory for entertaining

Linen lasts and lasts

Linen is extremely durable and resilient – many times stronger than cotton.  Linen fabric is woven from the stems of the flax plant, whose unique structure is why linen is both supple and resistant without pilling or becoming distorted.  Year after year, wash after wash, the fibers do not stretch out of shape, break or pill, while at the same time becoming softer and more cozy.

why linen is the most lustrous luxurious fabric for bed and table linens

Furthermore, linen fabric cleans very well in the washing machine.   If your linen tablecloth or linen sheets  pick up marks, soak overnight in OxiClean and then machine wash and they will come out sparkling bright and will not yellow over time.

why linen placemats and napkins elevate everyday meals to a special occasion


Linen looks great

Linen has a texture, feel, vibrancy and drape that has been admired for thousands of years, because it is luxurious, lustrous and comforting.  Linen represents simple, classic, sophisticated good taste.  Also, because of linen’s highly absorbent nature, it holds dye very deeply for a saturated, rich color that fades minimally.

why linen tablecloths with grey stripes are the perfect combination of classic and contemporary

Linen is good for the environment

To turn the flax plant into linen requires no chemicals or oils.  Less energy and water are required in the manufacture of linen in comparison with other fabrics, such as cotton.  And there is virtually no wastage it its production.  Linen really is just a woven plant fiber.  Simple!

why linen palm print tropical sheets look and feel better than you could imagine

Now you’ve seen all the ways why linen will improve your life, browse our collections of linen tablecloths, linen napkins and linen bed sheets to add some wonderful linen items to your home.

why linen napkins in classic ivory are essential for formal entertaining

And to learn more about specifically why linen grown and woven in Europe is so special, below is a beautiful video about the lifecycle of European linen production with contributions from our two largest fabric manufacturers.





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