Tropical Leaves: New Palm Print Bed and Table Linens

Huddleson’s newest design is the Tropical Leaves palm print bed and table linens.

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Top Sheet Shams

When I start designing a new print, there are many considerations that kick off the process:

What pattern would I personally like?

What do I think my customers would like?

Is it interesting, original and unique?

Does it have longevity?

Of course all of these are highly subjective questions, but with Tropical Leaves I give a resounding yes to all of these questions.

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Monstera Banana Leaf Topical

The six different palm and monstera leaves were all painted in a rich green watercolor – a shade redolent of nature’s power to give new life.

I chose the scale to be at once impactful and calming – bold but not busy.

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Duvet Cover Monstera Banana

The artwork is then digitally printed in Italy on beautiful Italian linen before being shipped to our Los Angeles workroom to be cut and sewn into duvet covers, bed sheets, napkins, table runners and tablecloths.

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Monstera Banana Linen NapkinOn the bed, this palm print pairs well with our solid white washed Italian fitted sheet and pillowcases – for a pared down look, you can just mix in the Tropical Leaves duvet cover, pair of shams or top sheet and keep everything else solid white.

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Shams Pillowcases

For the smallest touch of the jungle, we have Tropical Leaves linen decorative throw pillows available in three standard sizes (and custom options available).

On the table, using the tablecloth and napkins as a full set looks fantastic – the print will be calmed when broken up by all the other things on the table: the plates, flowers, serving bowls.

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Tablecloth Napkins


Another beautiful combination is to pair the Tropical Leaves tablecloth with our white linen napkins with a green contrast hemstitch.

White Linen Napkin Sage Green Contrast Hemstitch

We also offer the Tropical Leaves linen table runner to add a small amount of this joyous greenery!

Palm Print Bed and Table Linens Table Runner

As with all our collection – order standard sizes of the palm print bed and table linens in the online store or contact us for custom size linens for bed or table.

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