Natural linen table linens epitomize everything that is great about linen.  They can be casual or formal, traditional or modern, and offer a classic look that will never go out of style.

Natural linen tablecloth from Huddleson

Natural linen gets its distinctive color after harvesting when the flax plants are laid out in the fields to interact with the soil, rain and sun before it is taken to mills for spinning into linen yarn.

The linen we use comes from Italian mills, woven from European-grown flax plants.   It is a soft, smooth, refined fabric that is both tough and elegant and our natural linen tablecloths become softer and more full of character as they are used and (machine) washed.

Natural Linen Crow Tablecloth by Huddleson

Adding the Huddleson touch to this rich, natural linen fabric we have created a collection of contemporary printed table linens that play beautifully of this earthy base.  The artwork is designed especially for the scale of the table, and by using the latest digital printing technology we are able to create extra-wide fabrics without repeating the design.

Huddleson Crow Natural Linen Napkin and Tablecloth

The Crow Natural tablecloth and Crow Natural napkin feature a print of hand-painted crows circling against silhouetted branches – with the print retaining the shading and brushstrokes from the original painting.

Anfa black check natural linen napkin and tablecloth from Huddleson Linens

The Anfa natural linen tablecloth and Anfa natural linen napkin are a modern take on a Moroccan tile design.  The natural linen background features a hand-painted checkered motif in black reminiscent of block printing coupled with an interlocking chain border.  Casual, elegant and timeless.

Anfa Natural Linen Tablecloth with Black Moroccan Contemporary Print from Huddleson

Cinta Striped Natural Linen Table Runners by Huddleson

Our striped tablecloth and striped table runner design is named Cinta, the Spanish word for ribbon, because it is inspired by the idea of laying party streamers across the table.  The design has eight different colored stripes in shades of red, green, gold and black laid across the natural linen base cloth.

Natural Linen Napkin with Gold Border from Huddleson Linens

Pulling from the eight colored stripes, there are eight different linen napkins with colored borders to co-ordinate with the design – either to pick your favorite or mix up a few of the different colors.

Cinta Striped Natural Linen Tablecloth by Huddleson

Visit the Huddleson online linens store to browse and purchase all of these collections of natural linen tablecloths, natural linen table runners, natural linen placemats and natural linen napkins.

And please call 213 748 3038 or email us to order custom table linens – if you need an unusual size or have any other questions.




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